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Why we need a further investigation into the death of Dr. David Kelly
By Jane Venables

The Orange, Tulip, Cedar, Rose and Jasmine modern revolutions speak of liberal democracy in fragrant and regenerative terms.  Such language voices the value placed on democracy in the human heart.

People-power historically holds freedom and equality dear, and associates this nurturing environment with the liberty to be fully human, to exercise self-determination with all due rights and responsibilities.

This power, this rich weave of rights and responsibilities, depends on citizens being freely informed.  Freedom of information, freedom of the press, freedom of speech is the life-blood of democracy.  Without it the tulip will wither in the ground.

Dr. David Kelly is buried in dry soil and shadow – in sight of Harrowdown Hill where his body was found on 18th July, 2003.  He lies in the shade of the Hutton Inquiry, separated from justice by the absence of a Coroner’s Inquest, the absence of the democratic imperative of due process.

His was an unexpected death, uniquely denied a full, formal, legal investigation essential to examine thoroughly and objectively the open, and closed, evidence and testimonies of the Hutton Inquiry, as well as further evidence and witnesses relevant to the case.

Given the importance of Dr. Kelly’s world-renowned work, and expertise on Iraq’s WMD potential, to the nation’s key decision makers, transparency in the full light of free information is essential.  Public accountability concerning the death of Dr. Kelly is owed to him as a scientist, as an individual human being- and to the people of the United Kingdom as well as the world community, because his end is our future.

Jayne Venables